Roofing Biz Owner Talks About Usana

Usana is Used by Roofing Owner Jim Barnes

1. Simple Solutions, Real Results
Big question is are you new to the health and wellness industry? You probably have zero experience in mlm sales, right? No problemo, they say! You don’t need a resume or a long history of sales. You just need to be willing to learn and have a huge passion to help others succeed as well. They will tell you that USANA will fit in perfectly with your lifestyle. And just think, YOU could start earning money your very first week by simply sharing our products with others (ya know that ‘warm list’ they tell you to make) and of course, ordering some products for yourself, right.

2. Outstanding Earning Potential
Okay, so we are at the money subject! WOO HOO…Let’s just say that money can buy you financial freedom, which brings about less stress, more happiness and more TIME. Isn’t that what we ultimately want, more time? They say to get out of your cubicle and start living life on your terms. Listen to this straight from the company: USANA’s award-winning compensation system gives you an incredible six ways to earn income. Wow. Plus, they give you the chance to earn a sales commission every week. Then they proceed to ask you if your nine-to-five job offers that? Well, of course, it doesn’t!

3. It’s All in the Family
How about becoming a part of USANA, in other words, becoming part of a worldwide family. Yes, they say they treat you just like family. They give you instant access to their helpful tips, tools, conference calls, trainings, all downloads, all their special events, and much more. So, what they are saying, if you need it, they have it. Customer service you ask, yes they even have a customer service staff to help answer your questions and concerns. Also, how about their Auto Order program, oh yeah, you’ll never have to deal with product inventory! They send all products to your customers for you.

4. Your Business. Your Way.
We all like to do things our very own way, right? So, with USANA, you are able to do it your way. When you work ( ya know those 3-way meetings, chasing friends/family members) for yourself, you have the choice to work where, how, and when you want. This gives you the opportunity to get rid of your alarm clock, stop fighting all the traffic and you have ‘no boss’ telling you what to do and when to do it! Sounds too good to be true, ah, it just might be?

5. A World of Possibilities
Are you tired of working when you’re sick, or tired of trying to save for a simple vacation, or how about having to go into the office or place of business on a Holiday? They want you to know that you just have to ‘Stop’ that and start living with USANA. They want you to know that this is your ticket to a life of adventure/freedom. By joining USANA, you can build your teams in any country you want and without the worry of different currency conversions. Then they proceed to let you know that they will take care of everything while you work in exotic locations, enjoying exciting cultures, and make a whole new set of friends. Don’t they make this sound sooooo appealing?

6. A Class Above the Rest
I bet you are trying to figure out what sets USANA apart from all the other MLMS? Well, they start with how their products are totally extraordinary and that it’s all about the science of their products. Which could be true, like I stated earlier, I truly believe their products are good! They also have in-house scientists which formulate USANA’s products based on proven science and cutting-edge research on their part. Now, if that wasn’t enough said, they also team up with research institutions from all over the world to ensure their products include the very latest in nutritional values.

7. Our Growing Industry
USANA is more than just another MLM company, they are an incredible company in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, yes, we are talking the MLM world. Direct sales does play a huge role in the global economy. As we all know the health and wellness products make up a big chunk of the industry’s total sales annually.

8. Worldwide Credibility
They say that they are kind of a big deal. They say people know them. Above all else, the USANA family includes extraordinary people of all ages, genders, including authors, famous celebrities, scientists, health experts, experienced business owners, and more than 590 athletes. Whew, that certainly holds a ton of clout….um not really, but if they so.

9. Affordable Start-Up Costs
Keeping it simple and that is the only required purchase to start your USANA business is our Business Development System. This includes all you need to have to start this business. They say you don’t need thousands to invest in a business opportunity, however I beg to differ. If you want to make big money than you need to spend some money, don’t you think? They say one can get a tried and true system to create the life you want for as little as $30, that’s not true. To make more you have to buy more products that cost more money!

(This is the part I totally disagree with. Just be totally honest. To make a little bit of money, sure you can buy into this for only $30 but to make money that will sustain your way of life and more, than you are going to have to spend a ton more, which is fine, just be honest about it!)

10. Experience You Can Count On
USANA has been around for over 20 years. That’s a huge milestone. It shows that they have what it takes to last decades. It does show that their products are good. And that’s right where they plan on staying.

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